Ghost watch

Over the years the Olde Malthouse has developed quite the reputation for strange and spooky goings on- it was always said that if you heard footsteps coming up Church Hill behind you you were to run and not look back !

Just in the last couple of years we have been regularly visited by the woman in blue, who roams the restaurant and often lays a gentle hand on a surprised shoulder, laughing children running through the rooms in the west corridor (and we do mean *through* the rooms) and a daring highwayman who followed one brave New-Yorker up the stairs to her room (in her words “oh honey, it was OK, the dead are no problem… it’s the living you have to worry about”).

Added to this the usual footsteps, flashes, orbs and rattles, items flying about the place and you know you’ll never be lonely.

Although we do wonder if the ‘ghost dog’ we were told was heard barking mysteriously one night was, well, the dog…

Do let us know if you have any sightings and we’ll start posting them here. We ran out of space on the board in the pub.

6th July 20 Sighting: Laughing children running up and down the corridors, sounds of steps and jangling keys

5th July 20 Sighting: Happy scuffles and scratches around the room (ok, maybe we *do* have a ghost dog after all)